#LinkedInTips - How to Use LinkedIn

Want to use LinkedIn better? here are some tips and strategies to leverage LinkedIn for your personal brand or organisational brand.

LinkedIn Welcomes Native Video

LinkedIn finally rolled out native video to the mobile app, allowing users to add another layer to the professional storytelling ability. From

The Viking Approach to LinkedIn

Do you realise that when you use LinkedIn the wrong way, that you are seriously damaging your brand? Every time you connect and jump into sales mode,

How to Repurpose Content for LinkedIn

Publishing content directly to LinkedIn is an addition to your content strategy, but don't copy and paste your entire article, as it could be seen as

LinkedIn Company Page - Why Bother?

You understand the value of having an optimised, active LinkedIn Profile, but the question is... Should my company be on LinkedIn?" Read on and decide

Is Spelling Important On LinkedIn?

Do you spell check your LinkedIn profile updates? Are all your titles correct and is your Summary error free? First impressions count especially on

How to find a LinkedIn expert

How do you know what you're getting when you engage a LinkedIn specialist? What do you look for? Are you shopping on price, value, reputation or

Is LinkedIn Speaking For You?

Would you like to feel like a celebrity with lots of fan mail, albeit of the electronic kind (and much of it will be templated)... then I have a trick

21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Presence

Being up to date and active on LinkedIn is important to be visible, findable and credible... but where do you start? Here are the 21 steps to the

Have you Outgrown your LinkedIn Profile?

In the early days of our career we need to fuel our profile, but as we make progress and our profile grows, should we trim the excess and pack it

Extend your Event ROI with Social Media

How can you want to make the most of the next big event or conference you are attending, to get the best return? Employ some of our hacks before,

How to Get More from LinkedIn in Just 10 Minutes a Day...

Success in business or your career is all about relationships. The more authentic relationships you invest in building, the more visible you are, and

Are You Guilty of Accidental Anti-Social LinkedIn Behaviour?

I have a confession. Recently I accepted a bunch of LinkedIn connection requests without any sort of conversation. Why? I like to teach good habits

LinkedIn Direct Links List

Do you feel lost in the land of LinkedIn? The interface is constantly evolving, with menu items and features moving like the staircases at Hogwarts.

Back Up Your LinkedIn Data

Do you back up your LinkedIn data and connections? If you rely on a 3rd party network such as LinkedIn as your data base, there is a risk. Create